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About Blackwood Valley

Scenic Trails & Cellar Doors Galore

Blackwood Valley is a wine region in the south-west of Western Australia, approximately 260 km (160 miles) south-south-east of Perth. The region was named after the Blackwood River, the longest continually flowing river in Western Australia. The river passes through the towns of Bridgetown, Greenbushes, Nannup, Balingup and Boyup Brook within the region.

The wonderful Blackwood River which courses through the south-west of the state of Western Australia and offers some incredibly beautiful walk trails along its banks.

The Blackwood is the biggest waterway in the south-west and starts its adventure close to the wheat belt town of Wagin, before moving through Boyup Brook, Bridgetown and Nannup to its last gathering spot at the beachfront waters of Augusta.
The towns of Bridgetown and Nannup offer the most straightforward access. There are many walk trails along the stream from these towns, and you can likewise go paddling and kayaking along certain stretches.

Go bird watching and see native water birds and forest species from special bird hides in Nannup. Appreciate the serenity of a forest walk in Bridgetown which takes you deep into the picturesque Blackwood Valley. Pack a picnic and spend an afternoon relaxing by the water. Bridgetown and Nannup are 2.5 hours drive south of Perth.


Reasons to Shop & Spend Locally

1. Local Economic Stimulus
When you purchase at locally owned businesses rather than nationally owned, more money is kept in the community because locally-owned businesses often purchase from other local businesses, service providers and farms.

2. Non Profits Receive Greater Support
Local business owners donate more to local charities than non-local owners.

3. Unique Businesses Create Character & Prosperity
The unique character of your local community is defined in large part by the business that reside there, and that plays a big factor in your overall satisfaction with where you live and the value of you home and property.

4. Environmental Impact Is Reduced
Small local business usually set up shop in the town/village centre, providing a centralised variety. This generally means contributing less to sprawl, congestion, habitat loss and pollution.

5. Most New Jobs Are Provided By Local Businesses
Small local businesses are the largest employers nationally. Plus the more jobs you have in your local community the less people are going to have to commute which means more time and less traffic and pollution.

6. Customer Service Is Better
Local businesses often hire people with more specific product expertise for better customer service. You are also going to see these people around town and they are less likely to blow you off or be rude because they have to face you day after day.

7. Local Business Owners Invest In Community
Local businesses are owned by people who live in this community, are less likely to leave, and are more invested in the community’s welfare
and future.

8. Public Benefits Far Outweigh Public Costs
Local businesses require comparatively little infrastructure and more efficiently utilise public services relative to chain stores.

9. Competition And Diversity Leads To More Consumer Choices
A marketplace of thousands of small businesses is the best way to ensure innovation and low prices over the long-term.

10. You Matter More
We talk a lot about exerting influence with your purchasing choices, or “voting with your wallet.” It’s a fact that businesses respond to their customers but your values and desires are much more influential to your local community business than the large big box stores.

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The use of this directory is completely free


Blackwood Valley Restaurants & Cafes

Eating at local restaurants and cafes means you are supporting the local community just by having a delicious meal. Check out some of our recommended bars, cafes and restaurants to find scrumptious local food to fill your bellies and feed your soul.


Blackwood Valley Trades & Services

Here at the Blackwood Valley local directory, we're all about supporting the local businesses who often don't get the attention they deserve. So browse our recommended trades and services by clicking the button below. We've included everything from plumbers to cleaners and much more.


Things To Do

It's the weekend, you've no idea what to do. It's a common story, well, look no further! We've gathered the ultimate list of things to do in our local area . We have everything from local events tours and fun things to do suitable for couples and the whole family.

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